Sunday, July 31, 2011

Me and You

Sometimes I am the most difficult,
Other times I am in a bad mood,
Most of the times I am lost,
And rest I am always crude.

But then there are moments in the day,
When I am full of glee,
Nothing to worry, everything is ok,
And they give me hope to be.

Sometimes it is the rain,
Sometimes the bright stars,
Sometimes it is a story,
Sometimes the flowers.

Then I found happiness and joy,
When I started knowing you,
I found I could trust you,
Maybe a friend could be You.

You never lied to me,
You never tried to ignore,
You never broke me,
Or made me sore.

I became my worst rival,
When I did what I did,
Knowing not how to undo,
When I hoped I had missed.

You are right if you are angry,
You are right if your upset,
And I am no better with myself,
More than you know I regret.

I don't know what I say,
I don't know what I do,
But I know one thing for sure,
My best friend were you.

I wish that you forgave me,
I wish that you laughed,
I wish that we wished together,
I wish in hope I bathed.

But that's just me I guess,
Not so different from You,
And maybe someday,
Us will know Us too!

**A past for the present!