Monday, March 2, 2009

A Short Note on Women

Some would say this was a topic that I should have written on a long time ago, but the fact of the matter is I don't think I would do complete justice to the same even now. Still I find myself venturing into many things not completely prepared these days so why not write something about Women too - after all, I don't think anybody would know enough to write what can encompass a woman's persona in its entirety.

I would say I am prejudiced towards the fairer sex a bit, well mostly because it is supposed to be considered the fairer sex. Not that they always are. From what I know, women are usually more calculative, objective and unreasoned than men when they are determined to get what they want, they usually get it, or else (a bit clich├ęd still no better phrase to say it) “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”. Their genes have evolved their minds to instinctively manipulate men to work to their bidding. How they utilize those genes is what distinguishes them. In their pursuit, they can wreck havoc on others, destroy themselves and even imperil what they are after.

Phew! Now that I have let off the steam, I bow down humbly to the blessing that is woman. There is no better creation for one to ponder, pursue and cherish as a man. For their glory overshadows whatever can be said against them. Determination, persistence, love, friendship, generosity, loyalty and insight can all be found in every woman – probably in us men too, but we usually don’t tap into our true potential, not until we are motivated enough, and that is mostly too in the pursuit of lady (or ladies :) ) of our dreams.

Every effort to understand these blessings (and sometimes banes) of our life is futile. Why? Apart from the empirical rule of men failing to understand women, some things are better not understood. For, as long as the goal is not reached, the journey continues. For won’t the elusive mystery that is a woman’s mind might turn out to be what we didn’t expect. For where men are guided by definable goals, women are guided by something more than that. What is it? Don’t look towards me. I haven’t figured out women myself. Still I know that they are different from us, like I know the wind on my face. And to think of them with our reasoning is trying to fit a circle into a square.

Whatever women be, they are still the core to our survival, in every facet, be it social, economic and, most importantly, biological. Female foeticide is nothing short of genocide, and ironically a self-destructive form of it at that. And the reasons for killing a child just because it’s a girl are not only horrific, they’re unfounded and preposterous. Gene-pool of any family is preserved in the same way in both males and females. Girls have consistently being performing better than boys on an average in all secondary and higher secondary levels consistently for years now. Why they haven’t been able to perform as well in college exams is highly controversial, with reasons like discouragement of college studies, especially the ones requiring investment for daughters of the family. And in fact, in words of my world-wise friends, a son in our society requires regular investment for the entire life. A girl when becomes independent is an asset. And if you are thinking in terms of dowry, it is illegal and a shameful act on part of the groom-to-be. What good are you if you can’t even earn back what your parents have invested in you and have to look towards a girl for support? If anywhere, this is where your male ego should arise. And forget everything else, the girl who has to buy her way into her life, what kind of selfless love and values do you expect her to imbibe into your family and children?

I have seen my share of kids. And girls are no less an asset than boys are. In fact in many aspects they mature earlier and understand things from other’s perspectives earlier. And how do we treat them in our so called society? Domestic abuse, assault at workplace and rape – call me an extremist but I believe that the culprits in such matters are better off castrated in public and worse. For no true man ever has to resort to hitting a woman. I am not impractical to say there are no female anti-social elements amidst us, but for every bit of manliness in our protectors of good, nothing justifies even treating them in such extreme manners, for what kind of man needs to resort to violence towards woman if he is so strong. Or are you just strong enough to overcome a woman? And if you can only satisfy your carnal desires by going after helpless girls, you are not just a “chhakka”, you are just an anomaly in the human race, that should be gotten rid of like termite on wood - Eradication.

Don’t get me wrong comrades. I am not a feminist and I don’t believe men and women were created equal. There are things in which one was meant to be better than the other in general, and exceptions only prove the rule. And more than often I have seen girls and women being treated in preference, be it queues, interviews or examination checking. And I ain’t for it either. Hell, sometimes I feel that men should be fighting for their rights in these days with the kind of empowerment women are being given. If anything goes wrong, it’s automatically considered the man’s fault. And the woman gets away just because she is so.

Still, a child’s fight should remain a child’s fight. If turned to monstrosity, it turns you into exactly that – Monster. And a monster is neither man nor woman, and not guided by any of their respective welfare.

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You know who :D said...

I think its amazingly written ! Ur oustanding...really! Maybe i like it even more coz i am a woman...hehe...but really, how much I wish all men could think like the way u do. applause to ur thoughts.

Highly appreciate it.