Monday, August 18, 2008

She's just EXTREMELY Nice

Ok... for the first time I deleted everything I had written previously because I felt like it was nothing but simple things written in round-about fashion. Man it feels stupid to take so many words to write simple things.
Ok this entry is for someone who is close to me, is going through some heart-wrenching feelings right now and seriously needs to cheer up:

1. Life's too long to live with guilt, too short to live with regret

2. Thou shall not commit wrong to thyself, then no wrong to others

3. Time's funny, it seems to be so intense in present, yet passes away so quickly

4. Talk to someone. Don't worry about being judged, blamed or mocked, just share. You will be surprised how much you will find in common

5. Don't let anyone mock you for your choices in life, they weren't in your shoes, so don't let them get under your skin

6. People who love you, will be happy if you are happy... trust me it shows

I have told you all this already, but just putting it on for you to remember if you ever have a doubt or bad day.

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